Happening To You, Happening For You

There is one thing that I’ve learned to this point, and it is a simple concept. Its this, this life is a journey. I have learned that along this journey, everyone has residence in two principles. The principles are simple in the fact that no matter who you are or what you do you, will not get out of life without being affected by something. In other words, we don’t get out of this life without having something happen u. So whether you like it not something will happen to you. If it’s ailment, financial difficulties, relationship issues, social issues, injuries and loss of loved ones. There is nothing you can do that will effectively stop this or to put it another way, life proof you. So in essence that no matter who you are ,where you live we all suffer from the same condition of having things happen to us. Everybody is in this category. That’s right you and I are people that things  WILL happen to you. Nothing exempts you from this……

But there is another category that you don’t necessarily fall into. This other category is strictly a category of choice. You must choose this category continuously. This is a life long category that you can quit at any time or you can start at any time….. In this life the one category you must choose is the “Happen For” category. You are born into the category of the “Happen To” Yes I said it, you will always will be someone that something will happen to,  but you must choose to be the kind of person that something will happen for.

Ladies and gentlemen, NOTHING JUST HAPPENS ( I Believe) I believe that even the things that happen to you, is a divine effort to have things happen for you. Your part in everything that happens to you is your response. But let’s look solely at what happens for you. Are you waiting for things to happen to you or are you working for things to happen for you? You don’t have to work for anything to happen to you, but for things to happen you MUST work for them.

Here’s the takeaway….. Everything in nature gives away to pressure the right amount of pressure over the right amount of time. Even a diamond will shatter when put under the right pressure for the right length of time. But in that same vein diamonds are created from pressure over time. Things will always happen to you that’s nature but for thing to happen for you, that’s choice.

Motivation One Moment At A Time

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