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When I was a child one of the most important things in my world centered on who liked me? It was important because I wanted to be liked. The most liked people are the popular people. I wanted to be popular. The popular people had all the friends. They were the people everyone wanted to be around. The girls liked all of the popular guys and popular girls wouldn’t be caught dead with an unpopular guy.

Did I mention, this is how I thought as a child? Since that time I have long since gotten over whether or not people like me or not. I now understand just how unimportant it is for people to like you/me. Because I learned some things about what it means for people to “like” me. I learned that “like “has some strings attached to it, and I’m certain that I won’t be able to fulfill all the obligations associated with the strings.

“Like” I learned is a selfish extension of ones self. “Like” is built on a conditional foundation. You see, “like” can only stand a storm in the right circumstances and under the most perfect of conditions. The conditions are simply this, that it does not harm or offend the person who has extended to you the privilege of them liking you. Like is born strictly out a selfish nature. Because the minute you do something to someone whether it is real or perceived they stop liking you. I have long gotten over “like”. Because I have found that it doesn’t work for me for this one simple reason. “Like “is based solely on a “because of” style relationship. They like me because I do this, because I can give you this, because I treat you like this, because I share things with you. There is too many mistakes that can be made in a “because of “style relationship

Here’s the challenge, get over “like” and get into “Love”. You see, love is in direct opposition to “like.” For every case and every situation where like says ““because of” Love says “in spite of. In spite of my mistakes, in spite of my shortcomings, in spite of my failings, in spite of how I treated you, in spite of what you thought I said, in spite my attitudes, in my spite of my behavior. “Love” says “IN SPITE OF “Even if it is only for me I need “in spite of” kind of relationships, the kind that looks beyond my faults…….

The fact of the matter is this, when I was a child “like “was important to me. 1 Corinthians 13:11 – When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things. Ladies and Gentlemen let’s get over “Like “and get into “Love

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