Finding The Fire

heart-of-fire-love-30476808-1920-1080Finding The Fire

In all of human history there have been discoveries that has benefited all of mankind the world over. The discovery of fire is one that is both significant and impactful. The discovery of fire has changed and have and continues to have impact on the world in some shape or form. As I reflect on what I heard and learned from Bishop T.D. Jakes when he spoke at The First Baptist Church of Glenarden to leaders on leadership, I walked away with a thought. The thought was based on what I heard within in his dissertation; it was both a question and a quest. It is literally and figuratively a burning question that we all should seek to answer. The answer to this question will fulfill the purpose of your life and fully fill your life experiences. What is your Fire? What is it that you are meant to do? What is the thing that you do that provides light and warmth, the thing that will consume others when they get close to you? What is that when you wake in the morning it is in your bones? What is and where is your fire?

I believe once you know the warmth of the fire, the glow of the fire it’s next to impossible to stay away from; without it, life can and will be cold, dark and uninviting. The fire should bring heat and illumination to all who come close enough to it. If someone gets to close to the fire with the right intent, they will catch fire too. Have you found your fire? What is it that get’s you going, what is it that you’re passionate about, what is it that when you are doing it, you are in your zone, you know it, you feel it. What will it take to find your fire?

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