Be Territorial (Part Two)

When we last spoke we talked about the concept of being territorial. There is a lot (portion, territory)in this life that belongs to you. You own it lock, stock and barrel. It very well may be similar to someone else’s lot but even with the similarity the uniqueness of it is that it’s yours.

When you are pursuing your dreams and goals and success is coming, we discussed that it won’t be appreciated by everyone. My thought to those who are not cheering for me is this (and hopefully it will be your thought too) SO WHAT. If your unhappiness won’t let you be happy for me SO WHAT. Your insecurities won’t allow you to celebrate with me in this season of my life SO WHAT. If things are not working out for you the way they are working out for me SO WHAT (sidebar) Could it be you spend too much time considering my territory and not your own. Even in that SO WHAT.
Here’s the takeaway…. You cannot allow someone who has no ownership of your territory to make policy in your territory.
In the prayer of Jabez he didn’t ask to enlarge his territory so that everyone would be alright with it. So stop caring whether people are alright with your territory and be ok with being territorial. Because after all it is your territory.