In the picture you see this view of the city from a limited perspective. I see that there wonderful building and places of great architectural integrity and quality. This view for anyone who has never been there in person could be breath taking. In this one shot there is so much history, culture and activity all in this one picture. I see the beauty and all the makings of a cosmopolitan city. In just one picture there is so much that has been captured and it makes it easy to overlook the most important instrument and symbol of this picture. If you look really close you see the bridge just at the bottom of the photo.

It’s so far at the bottom you can almost miss it.

Do you see the bridge? The design and intent of the bridge is to help connect two places that’s separated by some great obstacle that makes travel difficult. The bridge is supposed connect one side of town to the other in more than a figurative sense. The bridge here is a figurative bridge and an actual bridge all at the same time. It is designed to connect but it’s the bridge that’s been part of a social, economic divide. There are indeed two parts of the city that is not shown here and no bridge connects them. I believe that a bridge should not only be physical but it should be a metaphor made of concrete and steel. A metaphor that does just what a bridge is supposed to do “connect two different places and make them one.