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Autumn Road
Mount Vernon Trail
Fave Five
A long Road
The Clear Blue Sky
The Park
Mount Vernon
Man And Child
Myrtle Beach
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Something to See
All Packed Up
Motivational Moments
Light Tunnel
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We Have To Go Through It!

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Going Through I often hear people say things like " I'm going ...


We Are Going To Need A Better Idea

The Idea The movie clip above shares some true, but startling realizations about the power of an idea. It does not seem to matter ...

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Change: Are You Still Waiting For It?

  [caption id="attachment_3396" align="aligncenter" width="721"] Quote Of The Day[/caption]   Change: Will Not Be ...

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How To Get Over Past Hurt

Embed from Getty Images Getting Over The Hurt Every one of us will experience some sort of hurt in our lifetime. There is no way any of us can avoid it. It is simply the byproduct of living over a period of time. We all will develop some sort of pain management system to help us cope. Our ...

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Vote For The FB Group Name

What's In A Name The Morning Light Periscope is forming an accountability circle that is becoming a closed FB (Facebook) Group. We need a name for this group. So, I am asking each of you to vote for the name that represents your best choice for the name. This group is where like minded individuals will ...


The Accountability Circle

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Leaving 2015 Behind As we move into a new year with high hopes of what is possible for us. We do so knowing that we leave behind goals (resolutions) undone from prior years. On The Morning Light Periscope, we have been discussing ...

Attitude Quote

Attitude Quote

Attitude Attitude is important. Its not just what you do, its how you do